Q:  Is this site only for Paranormal Believers?
A:   No it is not, it is for skeptics, and believers or for anyone that is interested in these subjects.
Q:  Is this site only about UFOs?
A:  This site is not just about ufos, bigfoots, and other paranormal stuffs. It has REAL government infos that are true. Only maybe
      5%  of 100 % are rumors, and if so you will know by seeing like Rumors: right next to the name.
Q:  How can I report my sightings on this website?
A:  There are different ways to do so, but all must have these infos:
Time: (If known)
Date: (If Known)
Place: (Rquired)
Name :(Either Member name  or real either one is required)

         Different ways to doing this is, E-Mail the administrator, Message Board, or a form.

Q: How do I  become a moderator, do I  get payed?
A: Moderators can be hired in different ways. For example: If you are favored in the message board alot, and have really good ideas.
    You  can be a moderator from there, others if do some hiring you will see a "WANTED" sign in the TUK Board.
    You must also have good researching skills, on the internet or books, and must be favored by other members. Anyone
     including Skeptics and believers  can be mods.
Q: How do I  get on the Awards lists?
A: First you must become a T.U.K. Member, then every month there will be votes on different things, from favorite person,
    to favorite    websites.     No one can include themselves, or the votes will not count. Only other people can vote for you
    or your website. Then by the end or near the end of the month, that  person or his website  that has teh most votes will be on
    the  Awards list.

If anymore further questions or problems please contact the administrator.