These are some pictures of the flying triangle shape crafts that has been released by the government, that is in testing, that may lead to the Aurora and other triangle sightgins, these will not be well detailed in text wise, but more in photos.

Both the pictures above is the triangular aircraft, tested by the Air Force. Picture on the left is a model of the X-24B testing in the wind tunnel. They are supposed to help to explore the supersonic characteristics of the FDL-7 and FDL-8. Picture on the right is the X-24B being dropped by an NB-52 carrier and reached mach 1.76 and 22,400 altitude during the testing.

  The FDL Spaceplane

What is this Photo of this white mystery triangle?


 Ayvis: What is this Photo of this white mystery triangle? I asked, people from othe rmessage boards. Only one came up with the answer.

Thanks to: Wash Phillips

"It's the Grumman A-12 Avenger II, a stealthy carrier-based fighter bomber which was supposed to replace the Navy's A6 fighter bombers (not the EA6B jamming version, which is still flying). This project was cancelled due to cost and weight overruns about 5 years ago.
It was rumored to have flown in prototype or scaled version in the Dreamland area about the time the F117 was being
revealed to the public (unrelated)."

More of this can be also viewed at:
  ( Sorry this url does not exist anymore but you may however find it at Yahoo!.) II - The Flying Dorito