These are the Theories not just by me but other  people, book writers and just people who believes in UFOs
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Name: Tim Critchfield (Webmaster)
City:/State: Ft.Worth, TX
Theory Title: Religion

I think our religion is nothing but copies  but rewritten by different people or just mis understood. I think  it was  written  based upon that no one really knows about whats out there and these are the only answers that we can rely on and only way to explain things easier.Like for instance how our parents used tell us scary stories to make us go to bed or come  in at night, or when they used to say Santa Clause exists now, when the real Santa/s are our parents  or other people that  care about us. These are just like stories that  gives clues to ancient hidden treasures of life, that needs to be put together and we  may  find  the answer that we are looking for. Far as  I heard that Christianity, hebrews and  other religions are  based  upon Egyptian stories, just  written diffrent like the King Arthur storie where  each author  created new things to make it sound more interesting.   
From the stories that we been hearing about aliens and our technologies, wonders if there is a imortal God.. Heres   the comaparisons: Aliens have been known  to do telepathic powers, which means to speak through there minds and read  thoughts, this could  explain for like Jesus, Moses, Noah. on how it was said that God spoke to them. And things  described in paintings of Jesus where 
a light comes through a window, which could have been possible be a