This is the introduction page, that will give you the main information about this site.
Here you'll learn about the webmaster and how to submit your reports.

About The Webmaster

Name: Tim Seung Critchfield
Age Process: 19-20
City: Ft. Worth
State: TEXAS
Born: October 28,1980
Birth Place: Ft. Leonard Wood, Missour Army Base Hospital
Race: Part Asian Korean and White American
Sex: Male
Hobbies: collecting sports cards, comic books, old antiques and collectables, and rocks;, working with graphic art pictures, webpages, and gathering informations. Also like watching sports of anykind.

How to ADD your sighitng reports

1) I will accept pictures, but the  pictures  must be on yours or a site and show image on he email. I won't except it through the email.
    I also will take them through message boards.
2) No UFO pictures are accepted if their from other sites, they must be  your own
     pictures. I will find  out if their is a  UFO picture that you sent to me out on
    another site, and if so   it will not be posted!
3) I do not take  credits on anything I havn't done. To Prove so all the informations, I have put on this site like theories,
    pictures,   or   some kind of comparisons,
    it' ll be credited to that person, unless that person wants to go unidentified.
4) All pictures must have  details like:
      a) Dates (if possible)
      b) If not remembered  the dates, guess how long ago it  was.
      c) Where it took place at. (like city,state or country also, if in USA no need to say your from the USA)
5) Theories I  will post also under  theories site if  they sound  interesting, it has to be long enough paragraph or sentence to explain it.
6)  If you use message board to report your sightings they must have these things thats listed below here:
      On the not required parts it would be best if if have any date or time of the evidence when the sighting happend to help us out more.
     Sighting From: (required)
     Date When Posted when posted: Sunday March 12, 2k
     Time When Posted or Sent by Email: 8:22 pm (required only if it is through email if it is through message board time is
     automatically on the board for me to get info on time.)
     Time when Seen: (not required)
     Date When Seen:(not required)
     Picture/s: (not required)

NOTE:on the message board sightings: If I find your sightings very interesting I will ask you to leave your email or if you have your email on your post already I willl email you to ask for your permision to add your sightings on the sightings page. This also includes the Theories page and Photo pages also. And all photos will be edited and reviewd before posted to see if its a fake or not.