These are links of m favorite Sites. I mostly hang out in the message boards there. under the name Ayvis. I hope to see you there someday!

 UFO Alert  A really good message board where skeptics and believers talk about and share their experiences. This is where i also hang out as  Ayvis
 C.A.U.S.  (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) An organization that is fighting the government to release its government secrets on UFOs, by using Lawers and so far it has been succesfull
Coast To Coast AM  One of the very few radio stations that have  the shows only about Paranormal stuffs. Also interviews with different types of  scientists.
 UFO Center  The  only website that has live phone operators that you can call  if you site any UFOs, and it has   UFO reports from all over the world.
 Big Brothers Watching  Read  top secret Government Files from FBI reports on the date that happend, like about Roswell crash and other things. And these are REAL FBI files.
 Terra Server  the only webpage that have satelite pictures of Area 51 and other countries around the world. It is a great website.

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