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November 13, 2001: By T.U.X.
Reporter: Tim Critchfield
1.) Yes it is.. Votes: 4, Percent: 21%
2.) No it is a fake. Votes: 3, Percent 16%
3.) I am not sure. Votes: 12 Percent 63%
Total Votes= 19

Is this a photo of a real UFO in Bryce Cannyon, UTAH?
June 7, 1994, Tuesday, approximately 9:00 AM Roger Lewis has claimed to have taken a picture of a UFO in Bryce Cannyon.

Roger Lewis's report:

I contacted the MUFON UFO group, attended one of their $10 lectures!, asked the president of that division, he looked at it for about 20 seconds, and said that it was probably a Bald Eagle. I was disappointed since he really didn't study my poster size blow up of the negative, a 24"x36" poster blow up. Still, he was just an opinion. I'm not sure what it was, but I am confident that the "thing" was not a Bald Eagle. I have taken photos of birds in flight, and always, in all of my photos of such birds, the bird image will be captured in the sharpest of images. The camera freezes the birds flight with no blurring. I guess I was more disappointed that the president was more interested in selling tickets for the monthly lectures, such as topics on "how I abducted and taken to planet zero" type stuff! I personally believe that UFO's exist, but I can't prove such thing. If I saw one, I just might really believe in them 100%, not just give them the possibility of being able to exists. In my photo, I did not see the "think" when I snapped the photo. I did not see it after taking the photo.

-End of his report.

I sent this photo to Proffesor Andrew Davidhazy who works at School of Photo Arts and Sciences.

His Opinion:

Well, I went to his website to take a look at the set more clearly. In my opinion that is not a UFO as we would normally think of one. The artifact seems to be something in motion yes but lacking a good scale reference there is no way to determine how far from the camera that "thing" was. It could have been something relatively close to the camera. It could also have been a glint caused by internal flare in the lens. Things that bother me about photos like this are that I wonder why only one photograph was taken .. if the person actually did "see" the "thing". I am troubled by the fact that in the overall view the "thing" is not visible ... and given that only a few seconds elapsed between the first and second photo how did that "thing" appear and then presumably disappear without the photographer noticing anything unusual ... if in fact that is what happened. I wish I had more time to look at this more closely but I think I have made a pretty stong case to support the position that this is NOT a UFO. At least to myself I have.

-End of his opinion.

In my opinion this maybe a UFO, I am not sure myself. However I did at first was positive it was a fake til few months a go I saw a ufo vido footage on a show that looked alot like this UFO. So I am almost sure it could be a real UFO. But I am most positive it is not a animal like a bald eagle like MUFON said or even a bug.

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