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Ancient UFOs in Paintings?

Are these ufo paintings real? Alot of ancient history paintings has a ufo in them including this one that has Jesus in the photo.

Has the aliens already made contact?:
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Photo Copyrighted by David Alexander - htp://

Details: Has aliens from Mars or another planet made contact with us using the Crop Circle method? Is the Face on Mars and the face in the Crop Circle above the same? Did Nasa recieve a real alien message and does it resemble also the crop circle in the same picture above with the face?
All Comming soon at T.U.X.

Is this a real UFO?

Is this a real UFO taken at Bryce Cannyon? Please vote your opinion of this matter of it is in the Voting Poll. I will add all votes to the news also, as opinions from photo , ufo, and graphic experts.

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By: Steve Alexander & Karen Douglas:
Great pictures of crop circles around the world!
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