Find more info about him and the UFO here (click the link  to get to his site)

These Pictures were taken by Roger Louie in 1994 notice the ufo on the bottom left, the closer view of it is on the right. There are  two pictures of it, that he took photos of. After you looked at the first one now look at the second one and third ones

"The origional 'full frame' image of 'film frame #2'. This picture was taken with my zoom lense set to around 100mm to 105mm. Notice the UFO object in the lower left corner of the picture frame. When I took this picture, I didn't notice the small object in the picture frame.
(JPG picture data: 256 colors, 100 dpi)", he said.
This is the close up view of the same area the UFO was spotted in.

"This is a 'scanner cropped' picture of 'film frame #1' that did not have the UFO object.   Compare this photo to the one below to determine the shape of the UFO object.
(JPG picture data: 256 colors, 400 dpi)", he said.