Rules of Conduct

All these Rules must be followed, or penalies will be involed if these are not followed as is..

1) No Spamming
2) No changing subjects  in a post, that does not reply to that subject.
3) No other subject posts may be intered in the forums that does not reply to that forum or  fit as is..
4) No porno or nudity pictures may be posted, or you will be automatically be in Surveillance mode, and you will be autmatically             watched, and the admins will be the ones to put up your posts and read thm before the public.
5) If the replies or posts get too  personal that does not fit that subject for that main post or the forum, it will be taken off.
6) Most Forums will be taken seriously and be watched..
7) Board Administrators and moderators are allowed to reply to the posts, or post their own subjects.
8) And must follow the small rules in the Forums above..

                                                               4 Warning Rules
These warnings and actions will happen to you if you do not follow the rules above and only be taken actions by the Moderators & Administrator once.

1) You will warned  once by the Adminsitrator or Moderator.
2) You will be under serveillance mode only once and temporarly
3) You will be banned for a week.
4) Which we hope we do not get to: Bann you for good..