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Ancient Tassili

The Mountains:

Tassili 'n' Ajjer is a sandstone massif carved into fantastic shapes by the action of wind and water. In The Taureg language itmeans  'plateau of rivers' The rivers are the  things of the past, but weird canyons and gullies remain to show where they once ran. SOmetimes they form streets and squares-veritable 'city of the dead' the great masses of rock rising up on either side pittedand worn by the sand like the fac,ade of some Hindu temple, flanked by huge natural columns; or a vast stepped depression reminds teh traveller of some ancient ruined amphitheatre. The Rock shelters in which most of the paintings have been found are cavities eroded at the foot of the cliffs. There are more than  ten thousands of them at the ground level their walls presenting an excellent surface for painting and at the same time preserving the pictures in good conditions.

No Evidence of Tombs or Skeletons:

No evidence of Tombs or Skeletons were ever found  near the painting sites. Further south of the Tamaya is the Neolithic deposit. No burial grounds or attempts were found there.  Only  bone remains and such are seen scattered mixed up with other refuse.

Giant Animals Drawings:

Not far from Tassili  a place called Habeter has beautiful wanderfully   drawings on rocks of animals. There are two  rocks with mysterious drawings of disk shapes. One Rock has 2 disk shape objects, the first disk is an oval shape, the other one  right next to itjust attached to it  is a disk shape too but with lines on the inside edges and circle in the middle. The Second Rock has a Giraff with two large disk shape half teh Giraffs size; again one was oval and teh other one had  lines on teh inner edges and a   pure circle in the middle. What it also couldseem like is, it could also be   sea  creatures. At teh bottom of the Giraff's foot apears to be a fish. And the two disk shapes the first one looks like a jelly fish, and the  disk shape next to it looks like Spunge (sea creature).


The Ancient People:

Tassile  was home which we called the round-headed people, which are called the Negroids  Their  paintings show tiny women and men that are shaped like doll figures but then grow  enormous size with big round like helmet heads which look like 'Martians'
At teh fresco at Ti-n-Tazarift shows the first stage. The round headed men and with dog faced baboons and antelopes wondering in seeming confusion.   They were on the same wall  but done at  different times, are two other different scenes -the archer and his companion, and the strange white figures to belong to the cat-like animal opposite opposite turning back to look at him. There are artworks of  the 'Martian' phase, the Great God of Sefa in one of the most greatlyartworks of the Tassili drawings. In the center is a huge faceless figure over  ten feet high. On the left women raise their arms in supplication; on the right another woman with swollen abdomen is about to give birth. This scene is probly connected with the fertility cult.