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Tuesday, October 9, 2001:
Military UFO Cover-Ups in 1950's After World War II reports UFO sightings were all over the place.

There were too many sightings to report here but none quite compares with the series of strange occurences on a winter's day in 1950. An eery sequence of events began with a phone call from the Pentagon to the President. It ended with the crash of something near Del Rio.

On the morning of December 6, 1950, early warning radar spotted 40 UFO's flying very high and very fast over Maine and headed toward Washington. It triggered a red alert call to President Truman and put the U.S. military in a state of emergency. Suddenly the 40 objects disappeared. The red alert was over but declassified documents make it clear that the Pentagon could never adequately explain what had been spotted on radar. The story gets stranger with evidence at least one of the objects continued on over Texas.

A military pilot named Col. Robert Willingham had been testing what turned out to be F-94s and was flying out of San Angelo on December 6, 1950, when he was alerted by radar control operators that they had an unidentified flying object headed for him at a high speed.

"It became visible to us and we wanted to take off after it," Col. Willingham said in affadavit filed in the late 1970's. "Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type. So then, we confirmed it with the radar control station, and they kept following it, and they claimed that it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border."

In the fall of 1999, FOX 4 reporter Richard Ray found Col. Robert Willingham at his home in Archer City, Texas. He told us the object he saw that day flew like nothing he'd ever seen, before or since.

"I don't know if we had any kind of guided missile or any kind of missile that travelled like that travelled."

Willingham told FOX 4 that he and a co-pilot returned to base and immediately went searching for the crashed UFO.

"We got in a light aircraft because it didn't hit too far down below us there. It was on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande. We landed out there in a pasture."

Willingham said the craft was partially obscured between two sand dunes. Before he could get an up-close look, he was chased off by Mexican soldiers.

"We did get a little look when we first walked up there. Kind of looked to me like a disc of some type."

A researcher named Todd Zechel claims to have a top secret document that proves a team from Carswell Air Force Base did the recovery on the crashed UFO. All we have today are declassified documents that indicate something very strange was happening on December 6. 1950. Was it a crashed alien craft? Col. Willingham isn't sure of that but it's certainly a mystery to him.

"Flying along at 2200 miles an hour and making a 90 degree turn. We don't have anything that can do that. We don't have anything that can do that today." Continue next page.

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