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Friday July 19,2002
Researcher: Tim Critchfield
The Hidden Code?

Play this game trick with your friends, and it will help on your next government report, also can use it as a cheat for your tests that has questions about this.

The secret code in the one dollar bill:

I used 5 differen't math methods, - , +,divide, x.
Only one of em was right. You will see the right method shortly.

On the one dollar bill, look very closely in the pyramid.
You will see a very small inscription of numbers. Roman Numeral numbers.


I knew these were roman numerals because the way it was written. Though I did not know how to read these, so i used my old encyclopedia to help me read these numbers.

I did them in 3 differen't ways using times,subtract,add,divide on each one of em. I used lke DC=600, CC=200 , and others on my first form. These forms are really long i will only do the 2nd form.

2nd Form:

I multiplied,times,subtracted,add,divide on each form, form 2 was the only one that was correct.

Add 100+700+70+6 = 1776
Whats important about that number?
That was the year declorations of independence was formed.
Yes the answer is fact. After i found this number, I looked it up in my old almanac, and it said that was when the DoI was formed.
The other fact is I saw this in a old cartoon when they showed the educational facts at the end of the cartoon.

Conspiracy theory:
Half of the people that signed were Masons.
Those times Masons were hated cause they abused their powers specially in politics and were killed, jailed, and other things.

George Washington the first Mason to ever become President of the U.S. And as I said before in those times Masons cheated in politics alot, so did George Washington became president cause he was a Mason? Were the votes rigged then for him?

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