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Name:The Webmaster

Sighting From:Lewisville, TX.
Date When Posted when posted: Sunday March 12, 2k Time When Posted: 8:22 pm
Time when Seen: N/A
Date When Seen:N/A
Picture/s: N/A 

It was long time ago in Lewisville, Texas, where me and my friend saw UFOs almost every other nights and some in daylights.. But the weirdest one happend in the daytime... Everytime I hear bout the Pheonix UFO sightings. I think about the UFOs that my friend and I saw that evening.. It happend when I was in 6th or 7th grade, when I was at my home heading to my friends house the the road. When I got on my friends street, I from the right of saw 7-8 UFOs in a form of one of the dippers.. So I ran up to my friends house and got him out, and he saw them too. but then they seporated then but was still there. We Never seen anything like that before. I still wish I had my video camera at that time, but didn't.. This was way before the Pheonix case. I am 19 now and Graduated Highschool. even though I dont have a video of them I will gladly take any Lie Detector tests as proof. Even at night times I seen some UFOs but not in groups like this. I seen on over my friends house, this one looked like star but moving fast atleast on normal rate. But then it shooted out some small beam around it that went real fast like lasted for 1-2 secs like a form of a shield. Another thing is, there is no Military from where I know where i saw these UFOs, only one would be Ft.Worth Airbase.. And That be from where I stood like 50 miles or so from my left than my right where I saw thesse 7-8 UFOs when I saw these UFOs it was like near and over Carolton or Denton area. one of those the part of Lewisville was near where I lived, I cant remember which.. and like I said I would take any lie detectors,,, that is if I trust the government.. which I dont,, but I still would no matter how many times I take. or even see a hipmatyst to hipmatize me and I will tell the truth with recorded tape or video as proof..